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2015 Toyota RAV4 for Sale Near Riverbank, CA

Test drive the smart, stylish, and powerful RAV4 at Modesto Toyota!


The 2015 Toyota RAV4 for sale near Riverbank, CA is the smart and adventurous crossover you’ve been waiting for. With plenty of room for your passengers and cargo, with impressive MPG, with enough comforts to keep everyone happy during those long trips, the RAV4 is ready for whatever you have to throw at it. There is a reason why 90 percent of all RAV4s sold in the last 10 years are still on the roads today1.

Even from the exterior, the RAV4 looks as though it is ready to be driven. With the smart lines and stylish contours it looks just as impressive as it feels to drive it. The exterior of the RAV4 is built for aerodynamics to keep the interior quiet and to add more MPGs to your trip. The inside is built for space and convenience. Even the power liftgate is there to make your life easier by offering height adjustment, so you don’t have to stretch to close the door anymore.


Of course, one of the benefits of driving a crossover is the great amount of cargo space they offer. The 2015 RAV4 is no exception. Thanks to the second row fold flat seats, you get up to 73.4 cubic-ft. of cargo space2. You can also configure the space to fit your needs. Flip up a seat if you have an extra passenger or flip one down for extra-long equipment.

For even more convenience the RAV4 comes with an available Smart Key3. This allows you to remotely lock and unlock your car without even taking the fob out of your pocket. Just approach your RAV4 and press the button on the door. Then, once you’re inside, just press the button to start.

Your 2015 Toyota RAV4 for sale near Riverbank, CA comes with a smart and powerful 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. This machine will give you up to 176 horsepower and 172 lbs.-ft. of torque to get you to your destination, no matter where it may be. Combine this with the innovative All-Wheel Drive system with Dynamic Torque Control and you will have great handling and great MPG – 31 MPG4 hwy.

The 2015 Toyota RAV4 is just as concerned with your safety as you are. That is why it comes with only the latest in safety technology. In the event of an accident, the RAV4 has eight airbags5 and Whiplash-Injury-Lessening seats6 to keep you safe. The RAV4 also comes with the Star Safety System™, which is a suite of features meant to keep you in control of your RAV4. Features such as Traction Control prevent wheel slippage, while features such as Smart Stop Technology7 help you stop when you mean to.

Filled with power, performance, and comfort, the 2015 Toyota RAV4 for sale near Riverbank, CA is a great crossover. Come in for a test drive today at Modesto Toyota, your California Toyota dealer. See why this is the right crossover for you.


1 Based on Polk U.S. Vehicles In Operation registration statistics MY 1996-2011 as of July 2011.

2 Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

3 The Smart Key System may interfere with some pacemakers or cardiac defibrillators. If you have one of these medical devices, please talk to your doctor to see if you should deactivate this system.

4 2015 EPA-estimated city/highway mileage. Actual mileage will vary.

5 All the airbag (AB) systems are Supplemental Restraint Systems. All ABs (if installed) are designed to inflate only under certain conditions and in certain types of severe collisions: frontal and knee ABs typically inflate in frontal collisions; side and side curtain ABs in side collisions; Roll-Sensing Curtain ABs at a severe tilt degree, roll or lateral G-force. In all other accidents, the ABs will not inflate. To decrease the risk of injury from an inflating AB, always wear seatbelts, sit upright in the middle of the seat as far back as possible and do not lean against the door. Do not put objects in front of an AB or around the seatback. Do not use a rearward-facing child seat in any front passenger seat. The force of an inflating AB may cause serious injury or death. See your Owner's Manual for further information/warnings.

6 Whiplash-Injury-Lessening front seats can help reduce the severity of whiplash injury in certain rear end collisions.

7 Smart Stop Technology® operates only in the event of certain simultaneous brake and accelerator pedal applications. When engaged, the system will reduce power to help the brakes bring the vehicle to a stop. Factors including speed, road conditions and driver input can all impact stopping distance. Smart Stop Technology® is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving and does not guarantee instant stopping. Please see your Owner's Manual for further details.