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Battery Service near Turlock, CA


Don't Let a Dead Battery Keep You from Getting Where You Need to Go!

You might think that the engine of your vehicle is what gets you moving, but without the battery, your engine won’t be of any use. Dead batteries tend to sneak up on drivers, usually at the most inconvenient times, such as a day you are already running late. Read on for some of the warning signs that signal that you should bring your vehicle in for battery service near Turlock, CA, at Modesto Toyota.

Batteries don’t usually die without some sort of indicator that they are running out of power. The best time to check if your battery might be losing juice is when you start your car. Does it seem as though it is taking a bit longer to turn over? Do your interior lights fade in and out when you turn on your radio or headlights? If either of these happen, then you should come in to the Modesto Toyota service department for a battery check.

When your battery starts to die, it effects more than just your ability to start your car. For example, your headlights can be faded. A low battery can struggle to power systems such as headlights and radios. Low headlights can easily cause accidents, so keeping everything working at top performance is a top priority.


Another way to determine if you should bring your vehicle in for battery service near Turlock, CA, is if you notice anything strange about the way your battery looks. For example, if your battery seems bloated, it has been exposed to excessive heat, which can easily happen on those blistering California summer days. When this happens, your battery is impossible to repair, so you will have to purchase a new one. Another sign of battery wear and tear is if the terminals are rusted or corroded. This is usually a sign of age.

Finally, if you cannot remember the last time your battery was changed, then you should probably have it serviced. Many times, we drive along without thinking about our car batteries until they die. If you know that it has been a few years since the last time you had to have yours replaced, then be sure to come in to Modesto Toyota for a battery test. If your battery is perfectly fine, at least you will have peace of mind when starting your car. If your battery is running low, or showing any other signs of deterioration, then one of our technicians can suggest a great replacement for your specific vehicle.

Don’t let a dead battery sneak up on you when you least expect it. Come in to Modesto Toyota for battery service near Turlock, CA, today. We can give your battery a test, so you don’t have to worry about it.