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Brake Service in Modesto, CA

Stay Safe on the Roads With Brakes Service From Modesto Toyota

Brakes are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle, but they often go woefully overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Luckiliy, brake service in Modesto, CA, is easily taken care of when you visit Modesto Toyota. You tend to think that brakes will always be there to slow you down, but the truth is that brakes pads, calipers, and rotors wear out over time. With the amount of braking force and pressure involved with slowing down vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds, it is hugely important to get your brakes serviced the moment you notice there is an issue.

But how do you know when you need new brakes? Many braking systems have a few features in place that let you know that the brakes will need servicing. The most common warning sign is when you begin to hear a high pitched squeal while you are braking. This is the sound of something called an indicator, and its high-pitched screeching is designed to get your attention. When your brake pads start to wear thin, this sound occurs.

However, there are other times when you will hear a high-pitched squeal from the front end while you are braking, but it is not necessarily your brakes going bad. Water is great at rusting metal, and if you car has been sitting for a while, especially after a rain storm or trip to the car wash, rust will form on the brake pads. The first time you drive it after such an occurrence and you press on the brakes, the brake pad and rust will meet, making that same high-pitched sound. However, this sound will go away after you have applied the brakes multiple times. If it does not go away, stop by our service department and take advantage of our brake service in Modesto, CA at Modesto Toyota.

The tires and braking system on your vehicle are extremely dependent on one another. If something goes awry with the tires, it may cause the brakes to wear out unevenly. Conversely, if there is an issue with the brakes that goes unnoticed, then the tires may also begin to wear unevenly. Some other signs that you need new brakes are more noticeable while you are behind the wheel. If you find that you need to press down harder on the brakes than before, this can be an indication that the brakes are beginning to fade.


Rotors and calipers also play a huge part in the braking system, and when they being to fail, you will notice a vibration in either the steering wheel, braking pedal, or both. Sometimes these symptoms caused by uneven wear on the tires, but in either case, your vehicle should be serviced.

When it comes to brake service in Modesto, CA, you can count on Modesto Toyota to take great care of your vehicle. Problems with your braking system should not be ignored, but timing may be a factor. Luckily, you can make a schedule service right here on this website to get your vehicle taken care of at any time. Simply give us a little information about your vehicle and then select a date and time that works for you. Modesto Toyota is here for you!