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Brake Service Near Riverbank, CA


Stay Safe While Driving with Brake Service from Modesto Toyota

It’s no surprise that your brakes are a vital part of your vehicle. When you’re cruising down the 108 at over 60 MPH and you need to make a sudden stop, it’s important to have your brakes in the best condition possible. There are various warning signs your brakes need a tune-up, besides the obvious brake light blinking on your dashboard. However, if your brake light does in fact light up, stop into Modesto Toyota today for brake service near Riverbank, CA.

The most obvious sign you need new brakes is that your brake pads are worn down. As time passes, your brake pads thin, making it harder for your vehicle to slow down and stop. You can check your brake pads yourself by looking between the spokes of your wheel to the shiny metal rotor inside. These pads should be at least one-quarter of an inch thick. If they’re not, you can schedule an appointment for your brakes to be checked by our factory trained Toyota Service and Parts staff members.

Another sign you need new brakes is if you hear a high-pitched noise when you press your brake pedal. This sound is usually loud enough to hear with your windows rolled up, but it may not be if your radio is on full blast, so you may need to turn down your favorite radio station to notice it. In addition to this squeal from your brakes, also listen for a harsh grinding sound. This means you have completely worn through your brake pads, and this damage to your rotor can be costly to replace.


If your vehicle pulls to one sign while driving, don’t automatically assume your alignment is off, as this is another sign there is a problem with your brakes. A stuck caliper could be the cause of this pull, causing friction on one wheel and not the others. It could also be because of a collapsed brake hose, or uneven brake pads. If you notice any of these signs occurring, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for brake service in Riverbank, CA.

You should also watch out for an unusual vibration when pressing down on your brake pedal. If your brake pad is vibrating, it can mean warped rotors, which means they have been under extreme stress for an extended amount of time. Besides vibrating, your brake pedal will also tell you if you need your brakes checked if the pedal goes all the way to floor before you feel your vehicle coming to a stop. This means you have worn brake pads, and you need to bring your vehicle into our service department to get your pads replaced.

If you have noticed any of these signs, come into Modesto Toyota and schedule a brake service near Riverbank, CA, with any of our trained specialists. Make sure you also take advantage of our service specials, as there are often brake specials that include new brake pads, as well as installation and resurfacing of your rotors. Don’t wait any longer to ensure your safety and others traveling on the road, give us a call today at 888-415-2303.