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Brake Service near Turlock, CA


Sqeaky Brakes = Old Worn Out Brakes

You know that squeaking sound your car makes when you put your foot on the brakes after a rain storm? If that sound continues after the hot California air dries up the streets, it might be a sign you need new brakes. Luckily, Modesto Toyota is offering brake service near Turlock, CA. So, if you think you might need new brakes, pads, or rotors, then just stop in our service department and we will be sure to help you out.

Stopping your vehicle is just as essential as getting it moving, so if you think you might need to replace your brakes, then you shouldn’t wait. Over time, the brake pads, calipers, and rotors wear out due to constant use. It takes a lot of pressure and force to slow down a moving vehicle, so you want to make sure that every part is at top performance.

Squeaking brakes is actually a clear and definite sign that you need new brakes. This is because brakes are made to make that high pitched sound when they are running low. This is purely to get your attention. This sound will certainly be heard when you are driving along the I-5 with your windows down, but not necessarily with your radio on. So, be sure to occasionally, at the start or end of your journey, listen to the sound of your brakes. If there is a squeak, you might need to check them.

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Another way to see if you need brake service near Turlock, CA, at Modesto Toyota, is to visually check the brake pads. Just look at the brake pads through the spokes of your wheels. If they seem to be wearing thin, as in less than one-quarter of an inch, then you should have them replaced. You can also keep an eye on whether or not your car is pulling to one side over the other. Though this could mean a variety of issues, it is also an indicator of wearing brakes.

If you are unsure about your brakes, or know you need new ones, then be sure to come in to our trusted service department at Modesto Toyota. Our certified technicians are not only committed to customer service, but they are committed to making sure the job is done correctly the first time. They know you are on a busy schedule, and want to make sure you can get in and out without any hassles or delays. Also, our service department is open late most days, and you can schedule an appointment online, for convenience.

If that horrible squeaking sound won’t go away, then come in to Modesto Toyota for brake service near Turlock, CA. We are here to help make sure you stay safe on the roads. Call today for more information: 888-415-2303.