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Oil Change Service near Turlock, CA


Don't Go Too Long Between Oil Changes!

Modesto Toyota knows that your time is valuable. With so much going on in your busy schedule, the little things can sometimes take a back seat, or even be forgotten. When it comes time for an oil change near Turlock, CA, visit Modesto Toyota for fast service by our knowledgeable and skilled technicians.

Getting an oil change is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to ensure that your vehicle continues to give you great performance for years to come. Oil is essentially the lifeblood of your vehicle, and with so much going on underneath the hood, it's important to ensure that everything is working properly.

If you know anything about car maintenance, you know that oil changes are extremely important, and having to schedule service can sneak up on you. At Modesto Toyota, it's easier than ever to get it taken care of thanks to our online scheduling. Even if this is your first time doing business with us, we make it simple and easy to schedule service. Our service department is open Monday through Saturday and offers plenty of options to meet your service needs.

From the second you start up your car, truck, or SUV, oil is playing a vital role in making sure everything works properly. There is an incredible amount of heat and friction occurring in your engine, and motor oil is doing it's job in keeping all the moving parts lubricated. Oil is also great at transferring heat away from the engine and keeping it from overheating. Motor oil goes through a lot and over time, it begins to lose some of its helpful properties and can actually start to do more bad than good. Dirty and sludgy oil can wear out vital engine parts, so an oil change near Turlock, CA, is essential.

But how often should you have an oil change? The old standard used to be 3,000 miles or three months, depending on which came first. With so many technological advances and impressive engine upgrades, some vehicles can go double or triple the amount of time as standard oil changes. It also depends on which oil you are using. Synthetic blend oils are made for high-performance vehicles and therefore will last longer than others, but most engines run on conventional motor oil. As always, be sure to consult the owners manual of your vehicle and read what it recommends.


Modesto Toyota offers more than just oil changes, so be sure to check out our service specials and take advantage of these offers. Our specials rotate every so often, and our specials range from brakes, batteries, and tires to timing belts, air filters, and more. And we use nothing but Genuine Toyota Parts that are meant for your vehicle. When you need an oil change near Turlock, CA, visit Modesto Toyota!