Toyota has Made a Commitment to Hybrid Technology

Toyota understands that the future of transportation is changing, and they are keen to be at the forefront of that wave. With eight available hybrid models, including two SUVs, they have made a concerted effort to offer a hybrid to suit everyone’s taste.

Prius Models

Of course, you can’t talk about a Toyota Hybrid without bringing up the Prius. Since its inception in 1997, the Prius has been a symbol of hybrid technology and fuel economy. With three Prius models now available, it’s more versatile than ever, and poised to carry on for decades to come.

New Corolla Hybrid for 2020

New for 2020 is the Corolla Hybrid. Riding on the same technology as the Prius, this compact hybrid can achieve over 50 miles per gallon while still producing respectable power. Considering the Corolla has been a best-selling sedan for decades, a hybrid option should entice even picky buyers into taking one for a test drive.

Hybrid Sedans

Toyota’s larger sedans, the Camry and Avalon, have also received the hybrid treatment in recent years. For those who want more space than the Prius or Corolla, but aren’t prepared to get into an SUV, these models are a perfect fit. And with the Camry’s long-standing pedigree as one of the most reliable cars available, the hybrid version might be a good entry point for buyers who aren’t sure about the tech and want to feel something familiar.

Hybrid SUVs

Toyota truly hits the entire market with their line of hybrid vehicles, and the RAV4 and Highlander Hybrid models speak to that achievement. These capable all-wheel-drive SUVs have all the space inside and power under the hood needed to tackle adventures both big and small but are also incredibly efficient thanks to their advanced hybrid drive systems. The 3,500-pound towing capacity on the eight-passenger Highlander Hybrid should be enough to convince those that need a little more space that they can still have a very capable hybrid vehicle.

Part of the Movement

Modesto Toyota is proud to offer this extensive line of high-tech, fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles at our dealership. Moreover, we’re excited to be a part of advancing automotive technology and reducing emissions to help all of us breathe a little easier in the future.

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