As part of its ongoing commitment to protect the environment and build sustainable vehicles around the greater Tracy area and beyond, Toyota Financial Services has issued its fifth Green Bond in support of vehicles that meet clean air standards. Read on to learn more about what Toyota plans to do this year to stay sustainable.

Toyota Financial Service's Green Bond Program

A Green Bond is a financial instrument designated for use in environmentally responsible activities. Toyota Financial Services sells Green Bonds into the financial markets. It then uses the funding proceeds to support its efforts to design, build, and distribute vehicles that meet three sustainability criteria.

  • They offer a hybrid or alternative fuel option for their powertrains.
  • They are rated at 40 miles per gallon, on the highway in the city.
  • They achieve an EPA Smog Rating of 7 or better, where 10 is the cleanest available rating.

Sustainable Toyota Models

Six Toyota vehicles available at our dealership near Turlock currently meet clean air requirements for fuel efficiency, powertrain, and emissions. They include:

  • Toyota Avalon Hybrid
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Corolla Hybrid
  • Toyota Mirai
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota’s Commitment to Sustainability

Toyota Financial Service's Green Bond program is part of the company's larger environmental strategy. The company is committed to world-class performance in four areas: Carbon, Water, Materials and Biodiversity.


Toyota intends to produce electrified versions of each Toyota and Lexus model by 2025.


The company's manufacturing facilities in North America reused or recycled 565 millions of gallons of water in 2019. This is the equivalent to the average water usage of 5,159 American households.


Toyota America's plants reused, recycled or composted 93% of their waste in 2018.


Toyota has partnered with the Wildlife Habitat Council to establish 13 conservation sites.

Share Toyota's Evironmental Commitment at Modesto Toyota

We at Modesto Toyota near Manteca are proud to partner with Toyota to protect our planet and conserve its resources. We invite all of our customers and friends in Modesto to test drive a sustainable Toyota model today.

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