When you think of your typical family van, you probably have a very distinct image in mind. Perhaps it is a memory from your childhood experience riding around Turlock tucked in the back row. Maybe it is an image of a van pulling into soccer practice with a gaggle of kids filing out the two rear rows. Modesto Toyota wants to reinvent your idea of the minivan with the new Toyota Sienna. With its sleek design and impressive powertrain, the Toyota Sienna takes the idea of the family van to another level.

The Toyota Sienna may be the most versatile minivan on the streets of Stockton. How many other vans come equipped with available all-wheel drive? Not many, but the Sienna was the innovator when it comes to the inclusion of AWD. It understands not only is it a great tool to have when the weather gets tricky in Tracy, but it adds another level of safety thanks to its ability to grip the road with confidence. The standard run-flat tires in the all-wheel-drive Sienna keep you on the road longer and prevents any potential catastrophe.

The Sienna is more than your typical kiddie-hauler. It feels athletic and agile as you swerve through your Manteca commute. That could be a result of the 296-horsepower V6 engine that comes standard. While it is no Toyota Corolla, it can still get you from zero-to-60 in 7.8 seconds. The EPA-estimated 21 mpg on the city streets means you can go further on a tank of gas in the Toyota Sienna.

But the performance of the Toyota Sienna is merely icing on the cake. You buy a van, like the Sienna, for the features and space it provides your passengers. And the Toyota Sienna doesn't disappoint on either front. The spacious second row is in a class of its own. The available integrated leg rests add to their comfort. You can carry pretty much the entire starting lineup, minus your pitcher, inside your cabin, with room for up to eight. If carrying cargo is in the cards, the Sienna stacks the deck with its class-leading 39.1 cubic feet of cargo space. That is with the seats fully intact. Lay down all of the seats, and you're looking at a cavernous 150 cubic feet.

All that space won't do you any good if your passengers are complaining the whole time. That is why the Sienna provides ample entertainment features to keep everyone occupied. The newly added Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa smartphone integration give passengers access to great tunes, and more importantly, you access to great navigation. A ceiling-mounted rear-seat entertainment screen gives your riders a 16.4-inch screen to view their favorite movies if you need them distracted on longer drives.

Few minivans combine a pleasurable drive with the features kids love. The Toyota Sienna is truly in a class of its own. This is not your mother's minivan. It is time to start enjoying life behind the wheel of the Toyota Sienna.

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