Having been around for so long, Camry is no stranger to competition. The Honda Accord boasts an equally lengthy history in the United States and has certainly amassed a wealth of fans over the years. Both are fine vehicles worthy of the accolades they've accumulated, but head-to-head how do they compare? While they may seem similar on the surface, closer inspection reveals Camry standing a little taller. Here are some examples:

Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord Near Turlock and Manteca

  • Drivetrain : The Toyota Camry comes standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 203 horsepower, paired to an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission. The Honda Accord is powered by a 1.5-liter engine that, although it is turbocharged, comes up short at a 192 horsepower.

    A 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine is available on Camry XSE and XLE models that boosts horsepower to 301. The most powerful engine available on Accord is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that generates just 252 horsepower.

  • Efficiency: More power often comes at the expense of fuel economy, but that's not the case with Camry. Even though Camry has more power, it still edges out Accord in fuel efficiency, getting an EPA-estimated 34 mpg combined to Accord's 33 mpg combined.

  • Safety Features: Both Camry and Accord offer a suite of advanced safety features as standard equipment; including pre-collision safety systems, emergency braking assist, and lane departure warning. However, only Camry offers a post-collision safety system which works to mitigate damage after a collision has been detected. Toyota has included the Toyota Safety Sense suite of features as standard equipment on nearly every new model since 2016.

  • Other Features: Toyota's Entune infotainment system comes with standard support for Apple CarPlay on all models, something you can't get on the base model Accord. Furthermore, Camry is tailored to fit drivers and passengers of all sizes. Taller people will appreciate ample area in the footwell, as well as the broad door openings that make it easy to enter and exit. Conversely, Accord may force taller riders to watch their head when getting in and out, and taller drivers may be left wanting for a touch more knee clearance.

Another vehicle that many drivers in Turlock and Manteca look at when trying to find their next new sedan is the Nissan Altima. While it has lots of quality features, we still firmly believe that you're going to see the Toyota Camry is able to stand out in multiple ways against the Altima. There's simply more choices, thanks to both a gas-powered and hybrid option available, while you'll find quality power to go along with that efficiency. Also, the Camry has features that the Altima doesn't offer. When you explore it all in greater detail, you'll see these differences and find that the Camry here at Modesto Toyota continues to be the right choice for anyone seeking out a sedan hat works well for your daily commute, daily routine from grocery shopping to going to the gym, or packing up and heading on a vacation somewhere. It's all here to see and we're confident you'll pick the Camry.


Toyota Camry vs. Nissan Altima Near Tracy and Stockton

  • Drivetrain: The Camry's 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine produces 203 horsepower with an eight-speed automatic, while the Nissan Altima can't meet that standard with only a 182-horsepower four-cylinder option under the hood. Along with offering a four-cylinder engine with more power, the Camry also has a 3.5-liter V6 engine available on trims like the Camry XSE and XLE, with up to 301 horsepower, while the Altima's V6 is only available on its top SL trim, and produces just 270 horsepower.
  • Efficiency: With the right setup on the Camry, you're going to get as much as 34 miles per gallon combined, while the Altima falls only slightly short at 33 miles per gallon combined. Still, there are Camry options that provide upward of 41 miles per gallon on the highway with the Camry L four-cylinder option, meaning long commutes and trips throughout Modesto and the surrounding area are more efficient than the Altima.
  • Safety Features: Each vehicle offers quality safety features, but we're sure you're going to find more standout security in the Camry. Both come with standard rearview cameras, pre-collision safety, and available lane departure and blind spot monitoring options. However, the Camry offers post-collision safety which can help mitigate damage in a collision and ensure your safety. The Nissan Altima has no such feature. Furthermore, you're going to find Toyota Safety Sense available on every new Toyota model including the Camry to give you an impressive array of features that are actively looking out for you as you drive.
  • Other Features: You're also going to find plenty of tech features on both the Camry and Altima. Where the Camry stands out is with the likes of standard support for Apple CarPlay™ not found on the Altima, there's also a new 360-degree view camera onboard to go along with the overall reliability and standout attributes of the Camry.

Test Drive a New Camry near Stockton

With its full suite of safety features, intuitive controls, capable powertrain, and ease of accessibility, the Toyota Camry continues to be a top choice for Tracy and Stockton commuters and families. If you're in the market for a midsize sedan that's big on value and low on headaches, be sure to add the Camry to your research list. You can learn more about the available models and options right here on our Modesto Toyota website, and when you're ready for a closer inspection you can visit our Modesto Toyota dealership to speak with one of our representatives. We'd be happy to set you up with a test drive.