Finding Your Perfect Compact Car, The Toyota Corolla vs. the Honda Civic

When shopping for a small but reliable car in Modesto, you want the most bang for your buck. Here at Modesto Toyota one of our most popular compact models is the Toyota Corolla. While this car might look small, it packs in a lot of power, capability, and even space. We want you to have a car that works for your lifestyle and budget, and we think the Corolla is a fantastic option for Turlock drivers like you.

The Toyota Corolla is often compared to the Honda Civic, another car in the segment. While both offer good handling and driving, the Toyota Corolla is the superior option. To help you make a more confident decision, we are going to be discussing some key differences between these two models to show you why the Toyota Corolla is your best choice.


Differences in Performance

When it comes to performance, you want your driving to feel effortless. The Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic go head to head to see which one will elevate your drive the most. The 2020 Corolla comes standard with a CVT that gets an EPA-estimated 30/38/33 miles per gallon city, highway and combined, respectively. Under the hood of the Corolla SE, you'll find a 169-horsepower engine. The engine on the Honda Civic only pumps out 158 horsepower on their 2019 model. So, if you want more responsiveness, the Toyota Corolla is the way to go.

The Toyota Corolla also comes with an available six-speed manual transmission and hybrid option, while the 2019 Honda Civic does not. Overall when it comes to performance, you'll have more versatility when you opt for a Corolla.

Safety Technology

Both the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic offer a large variety of safety technologies to assist you in being in-control and confident through Tracy. Every Toyota Corolla comes with Toyota Safety Sense® 2.0. From features that help you merge, back-up, and avoid collisions, you'll have a co-pilot even when driving alone. The Honda Civic comes with Honda Sensing that also provides you with similar safety features. The one major difference is the Corolla offers knee airbags while the Honda Civic does not.

Interior Features and Design Differences

The Corolla takes the edge in comparison to the Honda Civic if you are looking for an updated design, modern flair, and comfort. For those sitting in the back of the Corolla, they'll have more legroom with 41.4 inches versus the 37.4 inches in the Honda Civic. This space makes the Corolla better for larger passengers.

The 2020 Corolla comes with a seven-inch touchscreen display that puts important driving and entertainment features in one easy-to-use location. The Honda Civic only comes with a five-inch touchscreen LCD display. The larger screen makes it safer and easier to operate while staying focused on the road ahead.


We hope that by highlighting some of the major advantages of the Toyota Corolla, it gets you excited about making the short drive from Stockton to Modesto Toyota to give one a test drive! Overall, when it comes to looks, style, performance, and versatility, the 2020 Toyota Corolla is the superior option! While we acknowledge that the Honda Civic has some noteworthy qualities, they just don't stack up to those on the Corolla. From the optional hybrid engine, the better horsepower and lower overall starting price, the Corolla will save you money in more ways than the asking price!

We invite you to come on down to test drive a new Corolla today!