Which midsize truck is tougher?

Here at Modesto Toyota, we serve a lot of discerning car shoppers around our hometown and the nearby communities of Turlock, Manteca, and even Tracy, CA. And while we field a lot of frequently asked question about our new Toyota models on a daily basis, few shoppers are as eager to delve into the nitty gritty details as truck shoppers.

Of course, as big fans of Toyota trucks ourselves, we understand where our customers are coming from in this regard. After all, with a fantastic national park to our East and the great Pacific Ocean to the west and many, many miles of adventure in between, having a truck you can count on for any situation is imperative in this day and age. Fortunately, "a truck you can count on" just happens to be the Toyota Tacoma's middle name…well, not literally, but you get the idea.

The Toyota Tacoma vs. The Honda Ridgeline

  • One of the most common complaints about the Honda Ridgeline is that's not actually a midsize pickup truck. Given its unibody construction, it's more akin to a crossover with a pickup bed than a real truck. The Toyota Tacoma has a body-on-frame construction, giving it more conventional truck dynamics and overall architecture.
  • While prices can vary, we can safely say that by and large, the new Honda Ridgeline is markedly more expensive than the new Toyota Tacoma based on starting MSRP. So, if you're like a lot of drivers from Stockton, CA and you're shopping on a budget, choosing the new Toyota Tacoma is a smarter financial bet.
  • With two different cab styles, the Access Cab and the Double Cab, the new Toyota Tacoma is more versatile overall than the new Honda Ridgeline, which only comes with its standard Crew Cab.
  • While the new Honda Ridgeline might have a slight edge on overall horsepower, the new Toyota Tacoma produces more torque, giving it more muscle for towing jobs.
  • Speaking of towing, the new Toyota Tacoma can haul up to 6,800 pounds, which is perfect for ATVS, utility trailers for work, or even small boats. Compare that to the new Honda Ridgeline, which tops out at just 5,000 pounds of towing capacity, and it's clear which midsize truck is the winner here.
  • On the features front, the new Toyota Tacoma comes equipped with standard Toyota Safety Sense™ P technologies. While comparable safety features are available on the new Honda Ridgeline, you'll have to pay extra for a high-end trim level to get them.
  • Planning some off-road adventures? The new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro comes equipped with skid plates and TRD-tuned FOX® Internal Bypass Shocks, making it easy to tackle challenging terrain. On the other hand, the new Honda Ridgeline lacks many of these features, and already takes to uneven terrain at a disadvantage due to its unibody design.

Put the new Toyota Tacoma to the test firsthand here at Modesto Toyota

Now, it's pretty clear that there's not much contest from the Honda Ridgeline as far as the new Toyota Tacoma is concerned, but if you still need a bit more convincing that this midsize truck is the perfect fit for you, we'd love the chance to sway your opinion. Drop by our Modesto, CA Toyota truck dealership to take the new Toyota Tacoma out for a spin and check out our latest financing specials today.